Happy Birthday, Perking the Pansies

When Liam and I came to Turkey, we intended to retire early, put our feet up and watch the pansies grow. With a ridiculous amount of spare time on my hands, I decided to amuse myself by starting a blog. Maybe it would delay my inevitable descent into alcoholism? At the time, I assumed I would end up talking to myself.  Twelve months, 400 posts, 2000 comments, 6,000 spams and 120,000 hits later, Pansies has just reached its first birthday. To celebrate this minor miracle I’d like to share what I think are some of the major milestones (Pansysteps).

08/10/10 – In the Beginning

Perking the Pansies was launched onto an unsuspecting public. God help them. I knew nothing about this blogging business, how it worked or what would happen. This was my debut post.

24/11/10 – Are You Mad?

I knew something was up when the blog exceeded 12,000 hits. Shit, someone was actual reading my inconsequential, irreverent ramblings. I started to understand blog promotion and search-engine optimisation, joined Faceache and that tweet, tweety thingy to build a virtual social network. Well, it beats actually talking to people.

04/12/10 – Clapped in Irons

My blog was banned by the Turkish Internet police just as it was taking off. I was expecting a knock at the door by a scandalised conscript in latex gloves, demanding to conduct an internal investigation. I nearly gave the whole thing up in despair.

10/12/10 – Pooing on a Paddle

After a frantic, fretful week, Perking the Pansies shut up shop at Google and moved lock, stock and barrel to begin life anew at brand new WordPress premises. Fear of imminent arrest subsided. This naughty little number was my first post on the revamped, re-launched site.

14/03/2011 – Hold the Front Page

Perking the Pansies was featured in the Turkish national press along with a select group of illustrious fellow jobbing bloggers.

01/04/2011 – Bubba’s Gobbler

Perking the Pansies reached 50,000 hits. This was my April Fools’ piece. It was partly inspired by thumbing through the gaypers in a Soho watering hole.

06/04/2011 – Perking the Pansies – Bound and Ungagged

The blog has spawned a little book which is about to go off to the publisher. The book covers some of same terrain as the blog but with much more spice, bite, depth, pace and pathos (Well, I hope so).

10/05/2011 – So You Think You Can Write a Pop Song?

This was the first mega post attracting big numbers. Pansies were bursting out all over the place. My pansymap ended up resembling a nuclear attack on Western Europe and North America. All very Cold War.

24/07/2011 – Amy Winehouse, RIP

This is by far my most popular post, 4,600 and still growing. I think it just caught the mood. It also caught the attention of some wanker who left a vile comment. I don’t generally censor comments. Free speech and all that. However, I didn’t publish his nasty little words.

17/08/2011 – I’m Coming Out

Perking the Pansies reached 100,000 hits and I exposed myself to the world. No, I didn’t get arrested or receive a congratulatory brick through my window.

Many happy returns, Perking the Pansies. Make a wish and hope you make it to the terrible twos.

23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Perking the Pansies

  1. Never fear Jack…your blog will easily make the terrible twos, and will go on and on. This blogging is so addictive isn’t it? There are times when we think we might not be able to find something to write about, but we always do. It’s a bonus in blogging world when you come across one that’s as entertaining as yours.

    Happy Birthday Perking the Pansies x


  2. …and many happy returns of all sorts!!! I love the timeline – and hadn’t gotten that far back on your blog to know about the police incident! Glad you are up and out and blog-a-rama-ing! You are an inspiration to me!


  3. Jack, I’m so proud of you. An ex Local Authority bigwig, giving it all up for a life in Turkey, discovering your unique style of writing and leaving others to do the grandeur of the landscape and pictures of figs. You make people laugh and you stand up for things and people that matter; you’re the business. Happy Birthday PTP and happy birthday to you for Sunday.



  4. Happy Birthday PerkingthePansies and Congratulations Jack (and Liam).
    I can’t believe it is a year since I discovered your hilarious “ramblings” which brighten my morning tea. Living here I am sure you will never run out of things to write about. x


  5. Happy Birthday PTP!
    To the scribe and the very significant other – thanks for sharing your lives with such honesty and humour. Pansies perk up my life. 😉


  6. Excellent time line (although it did make me realise how quick it flies in old age). Congratulations on a year well spent and looking forward to many more!


  7. Congratulations! You were the inspiration – well, not you exactly – PTP. Not that I don’t think you personally are inspirational, of course. I’m sure you are – well, I’m not sure, of course, as I’ve never met you (on advice from Liam who says I might regret it). Where was I? Oh, yes! Thanks, Jack for the entertainment and passion (in the writing) and pioneering here in Turkey. Bottoms up! ;-D


  8. A great first year and some hilarious posts, I am sure you will keep going until they come for you. (Men in white coats!!)


  9. Happy 1st birthday!!! Thank you for your wry sense of humour and the laughs you have given me throughout this year. You really “perk” me up no end! Looking forward to the book now.


  10. Thank you to everyone who’s left birthday wishes. I’m really touched (some people say I have always been a bit touched). Loved the ‘happy birthday, Jack’ video from Levent.


  11. Jack, I can´t believe you´ve produced this marvellous site in only one year! So congratulations and slaps on the back are very deserved. I look forward to the TENTH anniversary!


  12. We live in your blogs. Smiling and touching our days and nights of snatched moments to read the comings and goings in a land far away. Best wishes and happy birthday. The pansy map is blossoming beyond imagination and will continue to flower perenially. Keeping sowing your wit and humour. PS Liam I hope the thespian is doing his share of the housework rather than becoming the Barbara Cartland of Asia Minor!
    Is it true that 1 Pansy year is the equivalent of 3.5 human years. Well done again x


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