So You Think You Can Write a Pop Song?

Listen to this and then read the story.

The Promise

Liam’s been setting some lyrics to music. The words in question were penned by our nephew and my namesake, Jack. The prose is very deep, very torch song – all lost love, bitterness, angst and misery. It’s entitled the Promise. It escapes me what a 14 year old adolescent could possibly know about mislaid love. I put it down to the comprehensive system. Classically trained Liam can’t do hooks and struggled with the composition. He’s developed a deeper appreciation of the well-crafted three minute pop song. What you heard was the result. Not a pop song perhaps, but beautiful nonetheless.

10 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Write a Pop Song?

  1. I have been listening to the music…lovely over a morning coffee.
    But when do we get to hear the words that go with it, and who will sing it to us? look forward to it.


  2. Hmmm, I’m a tad embarrassed that Jack’s revealed my sad attempt at pop music. I’ll punish him later. Think I’ll leave the pop stuff to the young ‘uns and stick to what I do best!


  3. Superb! Apologies for the late listen and response but laptop speakers been misbehavin’. Loved it sir. Beautiful melody, phrasing and changes. Easily a pop or rock tune just needs backbeat at points and arrangement/production additions. Easily adapted for a crack at Baku next May. What do you think writing for Turkey or anyone else in Eurovision land or writing/playing for Eire or UK? The continent is your oyster methinks.


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