The Seven Links Project

Natalie from the Turkish Travel Blog nominated me to take part in the Seven Links Project which was started by Katie at Trip Base. If you’ve not heard about the project, here are the rules of engagement.

‘To unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor (sic) to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.’


  1. The Blogger is nominated to take part by another blogger
  2. He/she publishes their 7 links on their own blog. One Link for each category
  3. They nominate up to five more bloggers to take part.

I like the idea because often once a post is read it’s dead which is a bit sad. Mind you this hasn’t stopped me re-cycling my old tosh like repeats on BBC Entertainment. So here are my offerings…

My Most Beautiful Post

I don’t really do beautiful, well not since I was 21 when I had cheekbones to slice cheese with. There are acres of fabulous blog pages out there crammed with exquisite writing and stunning photography and Perking the Pansies isn’t among them. Perking is about observation, satire and irony (at least I think it is). However, someone kindly said of one of my posts ‘This is one of the freshest pieces of writing about Istanbul that I have read for a while. I am new to your blog and am looking forward to exploring more. Superb’. Who am I to argue?

Islamic Chic

My Most Popular Post

I originally wrote my personal classification of ex-pats because Liam thought it might help readers to understand and remember some the new terms I’ve coined or purloined such as emigrey, sexpat and the like. It seems to have caught on and is far and away my most popular piece. The list has even been included on other blogs.

Ex-Pat Glossary

My Most Controversial Post

I always try to be culturally sensitive and respectful of the faith of others though I draw the line at treating women as chattels and marrying off children to their cousins. The trouble is that I’ve been godless since I was a boy and I can’t help poking fun at all those funny old fairy tales. Mind you I just love a classic Hollywood Old Testament epic romp. Anything starring Chuck Heston will do.

Anyone for Spare Ribs?

My Most Helpful Post

Like beauty I don’t do helpful. I’m not an agony aunt and who am I to tell people what to do and where to go on holiday? Therefore I’ve picked something about the Turkish language not because it’s helpful but because it’s informative (kind of).

Just Shout Loudly in English

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

I’ve been deliberately courting the site sharing service Stumbleupon. Few seem to know how the system really works as the algorithms they use to distribute websites to their users is shrouded in mystery. One day I posted a piece about Liam’s compositions then stumbled it. A few minutes later my pansy map went berserk and I had one the biggest hit surges ever. It goes to show what a good title can do. I only hope the hundreds of spotty teenagers across the States weren’t too disappointed. I’m sure few returned for more.

So You Think You Can Write a Pop Song?

A Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved

Gorgeous Kym invited me to be a columnist on her new website about the Aegean Coast of Turkey called On the Ege. I was both flattered and delighted. The trouble is my debut article didn’t really fly which surprised me because I really liked it.

Imagine Two Nations

The Post I am Most Proud of

Just after I started writing about our adventures in paradise canny, clever Karyn at Being Koy contacted me to ask if I’d like to guest post on her blog. It was my first invitation and I bit her hand off.  The piece I sent her just flowed from my pen (well keyboard actually) virtually unchanged from the first draft. Karyn inspired me. I subsequently reposted on Perking the Pansies. I still think it’s one of the best things I have ever written which probably isn’t saying much. You be the judge.

It’s OK to be Different

Now for the bloggers’ chain letter. In no particular order the nominations from the Pansy jury are…

As if they haven’t got enough to do keeping on top of their blogging and writing work, and getting on with their unique lives.

9 thoughts on “The Seven Links Project

  1. I was reading through this thinking ‘I’ve read that’ or ‘I need to check that post out’ and got to the end…ACKKK! I felt like I won the Miss Expat Universe pageant or something!! Thanks so much, I’m honored. Truly honored. Now I’ve just got to find a tiara…


  2. Thanks, Jack.
    Presumably, now you’ve got all that off your chest, you’ll have the time to drop into the breech here to pamper parrots, chivvy chickens and vanquish vipers while I rifle through my written rubbish?


  3. I have enjoyed going through your list Jack – There seems to be quite a few posts I have missed so it is time to put the kettle on.


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