But for the Grace of God…

We were shocked and saddened to hear of the fatal car crash on the Torba Road that killed Engin, the chef from Koşede Restaurant in Yalıkavak and seriously injured his wife and child. We used to eat in the restaurant from time to time. We were only on nodding terms with Engin but know Emra, the front of house, a little better. The scale of the tragedy hit the news. The article in the Bodrum View is in Turkish but hardly needs to be. The pain on Emra’s face says it all. It brings back horrible memories of our own near death experience on the same road. I’m not religious in the slightest but think at these times but for the grace of God go all of us.

9 thoughts on “But for the Grace of God…

  1. Not religious either but do believe we all have an alloted time. And one thing’s for sure – we all have it coming. Sad, though, as always. My love goes out to his family.
    A road to avoid, clearly.


  2. We spoke to Emra the other day who said the wife and child are both doing fine now, he had just been that day to visit them.
    I have driven that Torba road many times, and hate it, not only is the road itself bad, but the lack of driving skills of Turkish people makes it even worse.


  3. It took the fatal crash of an adored pop star on the main Bodrum to Milas road to make the authorities implement the new junction at Torba. How many will die on that terriable Gundugan to Torba road before they take notice? I will not, and I also insist that anyone else who borrows my car, do not drive that road except in the middle of the day in good weather!
    The road in itself is not too bad……it’s the lunatics who think it’s OK to overtake at over 100k per hour on blind bends! and Oh yes I’ve seen many and had to take evasive action on many occassions!
    My thoughts always go to the poor innocents who are caught up in their madness.


  4. Pick up our local paper any week and there will be graphic pictures of 4 or 5 road accidents – there are always fatalities! Booze, mobiles, machismo, lack of maintenance all contribute but non more than the fatalism summed up by ‘Allah Korusun’ and ‘Masallah’ emblazoned across trucks and buses.


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