A Kindle for Christmas

Apparently, Kindle is de rigeur these days, the latest must have. I’m getting one for Christmas. I didn’t want it but Liam insisted. I won’t be using it lounging round a cool pool. I’d be terrified of splashing it with water, smearing it with sun tan lotion or spilling my G&T over it. I know I said I wasn’t going to mention the book again until 2012. I lied. So shoot me. Perking the Pansies is now available on Kindle. A bargain at £5.13.

Check out the book

26 thoughts on “A Kindle for Christmas

  1. I’m still not sure about Kindle yet. I don’t think its for me. I just love the feel and the smell of real books.

    And go on Jack…you mention the book as much as you like..and why not? You must be justifiably proud xx


  2. I can’t wait to read the book Jack. I’d be mentioning it at every available opportunity…actually I am! To anyone who cares to listen, and even those who don’t have a choice 🙂


  3. I’m delighted that your book is now on Kindle. I just bought it and look forward to reading it!
    I have grown to love my Kindle. It saves a fortune on getting things delivered to Turkey and, when mine broke, the customer service people were a joy to deal with and it was replaced without a murmur. I would advise taking it out at airport security and expressing concern about electromagnetic radiation. I think mine might have got zapped by security at Gatwick.


  4. I think we all prefer the feel of real books, but if you travel a lot or live in Turkey it’s really a must have. You’ll find you get used to it quickly, and there’s also the instant gratification of finding a book you want to read and downloading it instantly (like Perking the Pansies, for instance,which I’m enjoying immensely).
    Interesting point about airport machines. My Kindle still works fine for text but no longer displays images. I wonder if it got “zapped”, as omentide said.


  5. I will always want to have ‘real’ books (especially this one!) but e-readers are very handy, and the Kindle does make it ridiculously easy to buy stuff. Have heard similar tales of the customer service, any problems and they are replaced without question and reloaded with your content. Just hoping Amazon come through with the paper version as the Kindle one is less easy to give as a gift…


  6. Bang! There, I’ve shot you. Seriously though, why MUST everyone have a Kindle? I love my books, and am still doggedly ordering hardcover books from Amazon (including one by a certain Mr. Scott) and stacking them up on the bedroom floor. Long live real books!!


  7. OK, I am not on to the Ipad yet, but I love my kindle so much and depend on it so much to bring scads of books to Turkiye with me that I read it on the beach in a sealed ziplock bag. Makes for safe reading. I am sure there is a condom joke in there somewhere, just can’t get it at the moment.


  8. Jack I have had a kindle for some time and its great bit of kit for those of us who reside in Turkey and like to read.
    Now I must complain,I bought ‘the good book” on my Kindle yesterday evening and I was up HALF THE night reading it from cover to cover ! (can you say that about a Kindle) I loved every single page, absolutely marvelous and very very funny .
    Well done to you and Liam.
    One question though,are you guys now thinking of moving to Bulgaria ?
    Thanks for the daily blog and this great book,have a good Christmas in blighty.


  9. I, too, thought I was a ‘book purist’. But I must say that having dozens (mine holds up to a thousand) books on a thin, lightweight Kindle has been wonderful. There will always be books you wish to buy to hold and keep, but I bet you’re going to end up loving the Kindle. It’s the way of the future Jack…don’t fight it!


  10. I bet you get addicted to the Kindle. We’ve not got one either but came face to face with one recently and the screen looks like a real page, not a computer screen. Hey, you can go round the pool with it. You can accessorise – Amazon sell attractive leather and non-leather protective covers for your Kindle. 😉 Don’t ask me why we know all this when we’re still reading books!

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to the pair of you.

    Julia and Barry


  11. I love my Kindle. I thought i would take a while to come round to it as I love books but it is so much better for traveling. I do worry about splashing it occasionally though. i used to read in the bath but I don’t do that with the kindle just in case I drop it!


  12. We (sons and I), bought my husband a Kindle a year ago. I was slightly nervous about it, but he LOVES it and, to my delight, really enjoys searching for new books to download. His gift for Christmas is ‘Perking The Pansies’ -of course!!!

    Jack, I hope you grow to love your gizmo, and thanks for writing my husband’s Christmas gift 😉


  13. Santa bought me a kindle and Perking was purchased and read. well done a good read.

    Need those Gumbet girls in the follow up I am sure they were voodoo dolling the Bodrum Belles for getting a mention x


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