Health and Efficiency

Our neighbours decided on a three week trip to Ankara to visit their families for Ramazan. Apparently, Beril’s mother has been rather ill of late and that’s what all the rows have been about. Despite the heated cabaret they are engaging neighbours and nothing is too much trouble. Though, I must confess I’m rather looking forward to taking sole possession of our shared garden for a while. We celebrated last night by playing music at full volume, walking around naked and indulging in a little al fresco fun reminiscent of my youthful dalliances along Putney Tow Path.

12 thoughts on “Health and Efficiency

  1. “They are entitled to their views but are not entitled to force them on others. The wish of some to form a romantic bond with a member of the same sex is a personal issue”

    I disagree Jack. It’s called democracy. To demand something the majority disagree with is to deny that, ergo anarchy

    Your rights to form a romantic bond is permitted in a majority of countries (even Turkey)


  2. Hi Paul. Presumably you also think this about the suffragette movement and William Wilberforce who campaigned for the abolition of slavery against the will of the majority? Yes, it is possible for a Turk to form a romantic relationship with a member of the same sex as long as they don’t tell anyone and do their duty by marrying someone of the opposite sex.


  3. The pic brought back youthful memories of sneaked sessions behind the bike sheds. Took me years to work out how procreation took place with all those asexual ladies!


  4. @ Paul, gay marriage doesn’t deny the majority the right to be free of gay marriage. It doesn’t deny them any rights at all. If the majority wants to marry people of the opposite sex they’re free to do so. Gay marriage simply ensures everyone has the same rights as everyone else, including the right to custody, inheritance, health insurance as domestic partners, tax deductions, hospital visitation, and so on. There are quite a few social and economic perks hetero families enjoy which gay families are denied.

    In Turkey, people can lose their jobs for being gay, among other things they can lose. So people aren’t exactly free to form whatever romantic bonds they want. At least not out in the open…

    Love the blog! I added you to my links…



  5. I’m totally with Stranger on this!

    But back to the topic of this thread…enjoy the peace and quiet and the freedom of the garden for the next few days!


  6. Oops! I thought I was on the previous post too!

    What I wouldn’t do for a garden I could scamper and cavort about in naked. Apartment life is truly barbaric. At least my kid is free to streak all he wants…


    1. We can’t do it when the neighbours are around. They’re great but they ain’t that liberal. Besides they might follow suit and that would be very unpsetting! Move to place with a balcony, young lady and let it all hang out.


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