The Dawn Chorus

The battles between our neighbours are becoming louder, longer and more frequent. They seem completely uninhibited by our close proximity. It is all the more frustrating since we don’t know what the rows are about. Late night fights inevitably end with Vadim sleeping al fresco on their balcony to escape the heat. His cacophonous snoring adds to the dawn chorus of canines, cocks, cars and the call to prayer.

9 thoughts on “The Dawn Chorus

  1. Oh dear. Well I have to say that the one thing I DON’T like about living in Turkey is noisy neighbours. We’ve had more than our fair share in 13 years. Why do you think we moved out to a remote village! You need to complain…really…they won’t take it personally or bear a grudge..but it might help. Failing that…earplugs I suppose xx


    1. We’re almost flattered that they don’t mind rowing more or less in front of us. They’re always friendly with us and think we’re rather exotic! If it carries on we may well take up your advice.


    1. Turks are a fiery people, like the Greeks, Italians and Spanish. I think it there’s something in the olive oil. It mostly amuses us as long they don’t beyond the verbals!


  2. Ah but are you sure they’re arguing! We often expect to see one or other of our neighbours marching down the drive, suitcase in hand having listened to a similar rumpus, only to see them moments later all loved up and holding hands! Perhaps I need to improve my Turkish ….


  3. hahah we had loud speaking afternoon drinkers under us in Turkey always speaking loud on the phone and bickering, we could even hear their muffled wees in the night……………we could nt always understand them………..they were Northerners and wish we could nt flipping understand most of the time. Now the Welsh people on top of us were lovely. Our only gripe now is …….yes you guessed it…………noisy buggering seagulls!! Cant decide if the mosque was more annoying than the seagulls yet!


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