It’s a Wrap

After the Hump’s disastrous showing at the farcical Caucasian Eurovision circus, we awoke to a thump at the door to match the thumping in my hung-over head. The removers launched into a fast frenzy of wrapping and packing at a speed I’ve never experienced in Turkey before. Our meagre chattels were efficiently boxed, labelled and loaded like a well-oiled Germanic assembly line.  The procession of sweaty men was halted only momentarily by a traditional Turkish marching band – all monotonic horns and clashing drums – as it passed along the ancient street. Our fabulous Turkish neighbours popped across the courtyard with tea, cake and smiles. After the briefest of breaks and a quick fag with the fags, the boys chucked themselves back into the fray. The entire endeavour was all done and dusted in just three hours. We had shopped around for a few quotes but most of the silly prices were higher than the value of the family silver: it would have been cheaper to flog the whole lot off and start again. BacktoBodrum came to our rescue with Soyer International Removals – fast, friendly, and cost effective. Our goods will soon be sailing on high seas back to Blighty. We’ll be following them very soon, a suitcase each and handful of high hopes .

26 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap

  1. Are you feeling sorry to leave Turkey, Jack, or are you just looking forward to being in England again?


  2. I can’t believe how quickly this time has come around..and I still haven’t managed to get over to see you. There will be a lot of people in Bodrum who will miss you, but you’ll be back I’m sure. Hope everything else goes as smoothly as the packing. Have a safe journey and take good care of yourselves. Lots of Love to you both xxx


  3. It’s bittersweet, to say the least. But you cannot start the next adventure if you’re not willing to move forward. Sounds as though you are following the expat/repat adage ‘leave well to enter well’. Wishing you well


  4. The end of an era! (And the beginning of another so it´s not too bad). Can´t wait to read how you get on back in England. And remember, if you get fed up there, there´s always Spain … wait a minute, there USED to be Spain till la crisis finished her off!


  5. Sorry-my-spacer-bar-has-stuck-(lol)-but-just-had-to-say-I-know-the-feeling-on-the-new-chapter-in-your-lifes-journey-and-its-an-amazing-time-to-be-returning-.The-bunting-is-out-ready-for-someone,-it-must-be-you-guys..Safe-and-happy-journey.,


  6. Have followed your blog and enjoyed it thoroughly, Good luck to you both in your next adventure. Can’t wait to read your book, which I am keeping to read when on holiday in Turgutreis (thats if I can wait that long). Look forward to reading about your next adventure.


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