Margaret Thatcher, RIP

Credit: Gerald Scarfe

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female Prime Minister has died at the age of 87. She was not expected to become Tory top dog, nor last for long when she was first handed the keys to Number Ten. But, against the odds, she was to be the longest serving First Lord of the Treasury of the Twentieth Century. In recent years, she lived out her dotage away from public gaze as she slowly disappeared into the white fog of dementia. Even so, she still generates a lot of huff and puff from her disciples and her critics. Few people over 40 hold an apolitical view of her. Love her or loathe her, the Iron Lady was without doubt the commanding political figure of the age with bigger balls than all the men around her. Few survived a side swipe from Maggie’s handbag. I think she carried a brick in it. Over the coming weeks and months, expect to see an outpouring of adoration and bile in equal measure. The mass media will pick over the bones of Maggie’s legacy and there’ll be heated exchanges in pubs up and down the realm. Is Britain today a fairer and more equal society? I think so but this is despite the Baroness, not because of her.

16 thoughts on “Margaret Thatcher, RIP

  1. Yeah what a lady, not one I liked much, but did she change the face of Britain ? I would say you can’t dispute that one. I don’t think she never thought she would be ousted though by her own team, that was an amazing back stabbing performance. Nearly out performed Ceasers. RIP Maggie


  2. Call her The Iron Lady of Dragon Lady, she deserves some credit for outlasting any other Prime Minister and she wore a skirt (was a female). And you’re right about the balls. How she managed to keep standing–in a man’s world–is beyond me but still, she deserves something…


  3. My english is not good enough to express my views .
    All I can say is that I will not forget what she did to young irish militants !


  4. She wasn’t a role model I could aspire to. I was 20 when she came to power and I can’t think of one thing she did from then on that gave me a reason to admire her.


  5. It’s hard not to think of the mining towns ruined by her closing down the mines (and steel towns went the same way). She and Reagan created the “Greed is good” bandwagon among bankers and brokers, a chicken which has come home to roost with the triple-dip recession we’re in now (how many more dips to come?). All the same, it’s hard not to feel that an era has come to an end, an era when the UK was a force to be reckoned with. People threw flowers as Diana’s coffin passed by: what will they throw at Thatcher’s?


      1. …or milk perhaps? I loathed the woman. I hope she doesn’t rest in peace…she doesn’t deserve to.


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