Now That’s What I Call Really Old

Göbekli TepeThis blogging lark is a bit of a hit and miss affair. Who knows the right formula to blast a post into orbit and keep it there? Certainly not me. My random musings about the life of a washed-up ex-pretty boy are small fry when compared to the big fish in the overcrowded blogpond. I’m astounded that anyone’s still listening.

At the end of 2011, I published a post about the ancient ruins of Göbekli Tepe in eastern Turkey. Now That’s What I Call Old was a throwaway, humble little post of about seventy words, and hardly did justice to the age and significance of the enigmatic ruins. Little did I know it would be the post that keeps on giving while the archaeologists keep on digging*  – 12,000 hits and rising. One hit for every year of Göbekli Tepe’s estimated existence. There’s a poetic symmetry to that, don’t you think?

*I suspect, for the moment, the trowels have been put away while the murderous chess game is played out just across the border.

16 thoughts on “Now That’s What I Call Really Old

  1. . . it is weird – really weird! Not Göbekli Tepe, the denizens of the Deep Internet and their tastes in searches. Do you think it has anything to do with the shape of those göbek (morel mushrooms)?


  2. It’s always amazing which blog posts do the best. Never the ones you spend an age on and pat yourself on the back for, telling yourself you’ve done good! 🙂 Still to make it to Göbekli Tepe but itching to see it.


  3. Ah, the elusive viewing figures.
    I have a very humble reader set, with viewing figures so modest they really need therapy. And yet I am still berated roundly by those few when I don´t post. Who understands anything about the dynamics of it?
    Having said that, your audience is relatively colossal, so you are definitely doing something right! xx


    1. It largely remains a mystery to me despite what the web ‘gurus’ tell us. Surprisingly, my audience held after we came back from Turkey which is why I carry on, I guess.


  4. Isn’t that funny? Mine’s from Feb 2011 and was a post about my first effort at guest posting (about the ‘Gift of Fiction’ on a site called Aurelia) – just over 9,300 hits and still going…I was SO excited.


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