Stripping for the Cause

RowersMany moons ago, I nailed my colours to the mast about the scourge of homophobia, particularly hate crime and bullying in schools. I even banged on about it on the wireless when I did a My Pride Life gig on Future Radio. It still goes on, of course. Hardly a day passes when I don’t hear about some pond life picking on the defenceless. Mercifully, I’m not a lone voice in the wilderness. Who listens to me anyway? There are loads of splendid organisations, charities and talented individuals doing their bit. And, if the message of hope is blended with a little harmless titillation, then that gets my vote every time.

Cue the cute rowers from Warwick University stripping for the cause. Oh, to be the cox.

I thought I might take my clothes off in public to raise a few farthings for the cause but I fear people would only pay me to put them back on again.

9 thoughts on “Stripping for the Cause

  1. Tut, tut! -‘Shocked of Tunbridge Wells. Never knew my grandson (a rower) got up to such things – what a brilliant bit of fun(d) raising.


  2. I think Turkey’s for Life has a good idea. Naked calendars are a bit old hat, but I’m sure lots of people would pay good money to make us wrinklies put our clothes back on.


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