It Gets Better

I’m back on my soap box again. Think of me as resident ranter at Speaker’s Corner on a Sunday afternoon. I’m rapidly becoming a single issue bar-room bore. The mast I’ve nailed my colours to is homophobic bullying in schools. It’s not clever, it’s not on, it must stop. I’ve banged on about this tishoo ishoo a couple of times now – the tragic death of Jamey Roddemeyer and the inspirational Stand Up and be Counted video. Now I give you It Does Get Better by the L Project. The It Gets Better campaign began across the pond and has now invaded Blighty’s shores. The L Project (that’s L for Lesbian by the way) is a group of lovely lasses who’ve come together (forgive the pun) to highlight the plight of the young through the medium of music. They’re fabulous and so is their song. It’s become a hit. There aren’t many countries in the world where a track with such an overt message would catch the popular imagination. Watch it here and watch it right ‘til the end. You might even cry. And If you like it why not buy it?

10 thoughts on “It Gets Better

  1. It’s lovely, touching and also hopeful – which is good. I will share it carefully with friends in Jamaica who will appreciate it and share it. Every little bit helps, doesn’t it. (Don’t think you are boring, I also get on my soapbox regularly and LGBT rights is one of those issues that I regularly touch on. I think that’s one of the useful things about blogs. If your readers don’t like it they can just unfollow or hit that good old delete key!)


  2. I’ll take your word for it Jack (video/bandwidth issues) and ‘Like’ it anyway. Nothing wrong with being a ‘Boffer’ by the way 😀


  3. I watched an episode of Ellen and she was highlighting this issue. Apparently there is an alarming amount of students in America who have committed suicide following taunts and bullying over their sexuality. It is hard to stomach the facts because while they look at their school and university periods as being the focus of their lives, you really want to say that life will get better.


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