Yesterday, it was the hottest day of the year so far and, as Andy Murray served his way to a decisive straight-sets victory at Wimbledon, the temperature at the sizzling Centre Court cauldron soared to 50 degrees celcius. Despite our national obsession with all things meteorological, extreme weather events are relatively rare in Blighty. So too is domestic air-conditioning. It simply isn’t worth the expense for the few days of the year it’s needed. When the mercury rises, some innovative Brits resort to some quirky ways to avoid melting in the midday sun. I snapped this sweaty soul’s sweaty sole along Muspole Street.

Muspole Street Feet

14 thoughts on “What a Bleedin’ Scorcher!

  1. What a great photo!! Yes, the Brits can’t cope with extremes of temperature can they. But that is much hotter than Kingston, Jamaica right now! We are hovering around 35…


  2. Ha ha reminds me of your escapade with Turkish aircon installation! Make the most of the warmth Darling you know it won’t last long. x


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