The China Syndrome

Bodrum Belle, Jessica, nearly came a cropper in an attempt to keep body and soul snug in the wee small hours. She turned on her electric blanket a short while before retiring; when she returned to slip between the hot sheets, the room was thick with noxious fumes. The blanket had unhelpfully decided to switch from warm to slow burn. Nice. Jessica acted decisively; she cut the power and aired the room. When the smoke cleared, a large black hole was revealed – a large black hole that had burnt through the blanket, sheet, mattress and divan. As Jessica remarked at the time, her beautiful boudoir suddenly resembled the nuclear meltdown doomsday scenario from the China syndrome. Electric blanket devotees, beware.

11 thoughts on “The China Syndrome

  1. I wish you hadn’t posted this. I’m already so paranoid about leccy blankets that I had to bring two top of the market ones from England in my hand-luggage. I had almost managed to put the nagging worry to the back of my mind; Now I will have to choose between staying warm and being able to sleep. If you are planning any posts about dodgy electric connections in bathrooms, can you warn me first.


  2. I used to love going to my nana’s at the weekend to sleep in the bed that had been warmed by the electric blanket. And then stories like this started to appear – still miss it though! Glad the lady’s okay.


  3. It’s all too easy to take unnecessary risks with electrical appliances here. Too easy to adopt the Turkish habit of what will be will be…or its all in the hands of Allah anyway. I do as Carole does and replace my blanket every year.


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