Adele Cut Down at the Brits

We watched the Brits. Naturally, Adele won best female artist and best album. She’s the most successful singer to emerge from Blighty in years. It’s a pity the show’s producers saw fit to interrupt her acceptance speech which was cut down to just a few hasty words. Now, I’m not into the Hollywood gush but a few rushed ‘thank yous’? Presumably the programme was over-running. So what? Let it overrun.

7 thoughts on “Adele Cut Down at the Brits

  1. That’s really bad, and looks so unprofessional. After all, Britain hasn’t produced many good singers lately – you would think they would give her her dues… And after all, a certain amount of gushing is expected at award shows! Like the gowns…


  2. I had to watch on catch-up yesterday and I do agree. It was embarrassing and there were a few boos from the audience. OK these programmes have to run to time, but surely they could have cut short some of the previous winners’ speeches.
    Isn’t Adele just a superb singer/songwriter? Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.


  3. Probably ran out of time after Blur droned on and on and on .What a little sweetie tea -total Ed Sheeran is though ,love seeing young talent coming through .


  4. I was watching American Idol last night and so many contestants chose Adele songs (not always wisely I might add). Couldn’t believe how huge she is stateside…shame ‘The Brits’ couldn’t have been a little generous.


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