Stand Up and Be Counted

I’m going a bit off message to share a touching video that my friend David stumbled on and posted on his Facebook page. It brought a small tear to my eye, something which is quite hard to do in this cynical old goat these days. Makes me proud to be (half) Irish. I think this should be shown in all schools. Any teachers out there? Check out the Stand Up – In Schools campaign.

Alas, Hell will probably freeze over before this ever happens in Turkey.

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11 thoughts on “Stand Up and Be Counted

  1. This is really important Jack. Today I learned of a high schooler grappling with transgender issues. I was proud to learn that my child has been supportive, ‘the only one who didn’t pause’. We will do the best we can because the student is moving away in a few months, and will need support in the days, weeks, months let alone years ahead.


  2. Not to mention, there was a story recently about how there was a study done on basketball teams. Someone watched a multitude of games and noted that the teams touching each other (high fives, pats on the back, etc.) generally won the game. Here is the story:
    Maybe this will encourage touch between people (no matter what gender, etc.) because it is an important component of human interaction.


  3. Im so pleased you posted this Jack, i only wish countries such as the one we live in showed something like this in their schools. I wonder how many young people go through their school days wishing they we`re somewhere else, or had someone they could speak to about their sexualality. x


  4. Jack thanks for posting this, my daughter makes me proud . Some boys were making fun of a gay lad behind his back. I said how did you cope, she said me and my friends just said to them “so what some people are gay, get over it” no doubt in the scathing tones only 12 year old girls can manage. I am so glad that being gay is not a “big deal” for my daughter and her friends.


  5. Hello Jack,
    This is a lovely video. It is so important to be active in the fight against homophobia. I have many friends in the LBGT community. I feel very lucky that I lived in California in the time when the fight for marriage equality was going on and I could contribute. One of the best things I have ever been a part of was the march in San Diego when 20,000 people marched together for miles as part of a marriage equality rally.
    The changes seem to be coming more quickly now…



    1. Hi Jules

      I’ve been reading alot about the debate in the States. Despite the vicious rhetoric from the usual suspects it looks like it’s swinging in the right direction. All I can say is that the UK has been transformed in the last decade. All political parties support equality and quite right too. I was starting to tire of paying my taxes and being treated like a second class citizen!


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