Are You Up For It?

Now that the season is in full swing we’re receiving messages from across the World through Gaydar. Gaydar is a rare British internet success story – a social networking site with global reach. The site is banned here in Turkey but, of course, there are easy ways to circumvent this. We’re asked about Bodrum life with the occasional implied offers of comfort. I’m flattered that some people out there still think there’s life in these old dogs. However, I’m mightily relieved that I’ve locked away my stall. I’m happy at home.

I have prepared a stock response which I cut and paste into a reply. It goes:

Hi there,

There aren’t any gay bars as such at the moment. It hardly matters as Bodrum is a laid back, gay friendly kind of place, and you will be made to feel welcome wherever you go. We live in the heart of town and I assume the people around us have got our number. We never get any bad attitude. So enjoy.

We rarely hear from the enquirers again.

6 thoughts on “Are You Up For It?

  1. My outlaws live in Yalikavak (I understand you guys have some knowledge of that quiet, beautiful haven). I’ve never experienced any bad vibes in 4 years. Turkey is a fabulous and beautiful place to visit for the Pink people. All the best guys, your blog has made me smile through many a grey British day. xx


  2. I love learning something new every day, and today it’s that Gaydar is a site as well as a ‘sense’. I like your response; if you never hear from them again, well, they’re out chasing dreams elsewhere. Eventually they’ll probably want to be ‘happy at home’ as well.


  3. Hi Jack, you say gaydar is banned here in Turkey, i get on there without any problems what so ever….try it again.


    1. is banned. Other gaydar domains such as .net, and .at are accessible for the moment, presumbly until the silly censors catch up with them


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