When Liam and I first pitched our yurt in Anatolia, we bought an olive sapling in John’s memory and put it in a patio pot. It did remarkably well and bore fruit in the first year – a lean harvest but a harvest nonetheless. After we decided to wade back to Blighty, I asked Annie of Back to Bodrum fame if she would take care of John’s little twig in her Bodrum garden.  Annie went one better and offered a sunny spot in the olive grove of her fabulous country pile.

From Little Acorns…

Four years on and the wedding of the year presented the perfect opportunity to check on John’s tree. Little more than a twig when it was transplanted to Annie’s field, it now stands tall as a strapping sapling, framed in chicken wire to protect it from nibbling cattle.

The first snap is courtesy of Elaine Akalin.

Thank you, Teo, for planting it. You did all the sweaty work while all I did was pat it down like the Queen at an opening. And thank you, Annie, for taking such good care of it.  I’m not religious at all but a part of me hopes Teo and John popped a cork and shared a bottle on the big day.

15 thoughts on “See the Tree, How Big it’s Grown

  1. I recognize that royal throne. Probably sat on that exact spot. How nice to visit old haunts. A chance to look back with fondness and thank god for the progress.


  2. My mother use to buy odd plants all the time and plant them anywhere she wanted without due thought as to if it was good for the plant or not. One particular plant remained a twig for years until the first spring after she passed where it bloomed with huge beautiful flowers! xx

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  3. I will have to get a new frame made for it as it is outgrowing the original one. If it wasn’t so dumpy and had a tall trunk, I could leave it be but it is destined to be forever ground hugging I think.


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