All I Want for Christmas

I’m taking a festive break from this blogging lark. I’m knackered. Normal services will be resumed in the New Year (unless there’s a book crisis). Peace and goodwill to all pansy fans whoever and wherever you are. Revel in your drunken parties, one night stands, quality time with lovers, partners, family and friends or just have fun shutting the wicked world out to curl up on a sofa with a good book, a good bottle or a good DVD. Whatever Christmas means to you, enjoy.

Meanwhile, somewhere on the high seas, the crew of the HMS Ocean found out they would all be home for Christmas after 214 days at sea. They just had to celebrate, sometimes shirtless.

Cue the festive video from our brave jolly Jack Tars. There’s a couple of jolly Jackies too (though not topless, obviously).

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13 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas

  1. First the Mighty Sausage (Cumberland), now HMS Ocean – something makes me think you wanted to be a closet matelot Jack !!
    All the best for Christmas and New Year.

    Sailor John


  2. Thanks for the great video Jack.It is such a comfort to know the UK’s security is in such safe and serious hands…LOL!(loved the guy in the bath☺)Welcome home to our brave guys and gals,we are very proud of you all and a very happy/drunken/rude/lazy/twinkling Crimbo to you and Liam
    PS.I wonder if Santa is gay?I mean…how many blokes can get away with wearing soooo much red?


  3. Have your well deserved break Jack, I will be downloading your book on my Kindle to keep me going till your return in the New Year.
    Hope you enjoy your Christmas break in the UK. Love karen x


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