Have it Your Way

Are you a thoroughly modern Millie and would like to download Perking the Pansies to your fancy Kindle thingy bobby? Perhaps you’re opposed to Amazon taking over the world? (Of course, I couldn’t possibly comment). Or maybe you’re a bit of a traditionalist that likes to browse the shelves and thumb through the latest releases? Well, you can do all these things. Perking the Pansies is now available to download to Kindle, to purchase online at WH Smiths and Waterstones (and many other online stores) and to order at any good bookshop near you. Go on, you know you want to.

Alternatively, you could buy the paperback or Kindle edition through my website and I’ll earn an extra few pence. No pressure.

14 thoughts on “Have it Your Way

  1. I don’t think you can beat slobbing on the sofa with a proper book. I did it on Boxing Day with “Perking the Pansies” and didn’t move until I’d devoured it. I loved it.


  2. Hi Jack. Am pleasedto say that my copy was waiting for me in England when I arrived here on Tuesday, a present from my brother, and I only just managed to find time to read a few pages late last night…so far so good..can’t wait to find time to read the rest!


  3. Hi Jack, I got a bit fed up of reading the pdf you sent me so downloaded the Kindle version yesterday and am thoroughly enjoying the read. Much better than flicking through a jumble of print-outs 🙂 It looks great on the little thing. Good stuff! (PS. Am also a traditionalist so the Kindle goes against every fibre of my book-reading being but it’s been good so far – I plan to use it ‘sparingly’!)


    1. Me too. I couldn’t wait to get hold of the actual book when we got back to London – thumbing through the pages and smelling the cover! Better than sex (well, not really but a close second).


  4. Love my Kindle and loved the book – couldn’t think of a better combination for my Christmas read! Thank you Jack for all your wit, wisdom and insight into a wonderful country and all its foibles. x


  5. Huh! Guess I’m the lucky one here – I still have it all to look forward to – ‘it’s in the post!’ Seem to remember hearing that somewhere else 😀


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