Crash, Bang, Wallop

Book Tour Intermission

I’ve interrupt the book tour for a heavy weather warning. After a gloriously long Autumn, winter violently thundered ashore – all crash, bang and wallop. We rushed to get old towels strategicaly placed around the house like thin sandbags to stem the impending flood. We’ve learned our lesson the hard way. Once again the street light next to the house blew up like a Roman candle with sparks flying hither and thither. Thankfully, the house lights stayed on but it was touch and go for a while. Light bulbs flickered like a slow strobe until the storm blew over. We lit candles and unplugged the fancy electricals as a precaution. This was on the same day that the water pressure dropped to a trickle. No bracing showers for us. Just a whore’s wipe.

18 thoughts on “Crash, Bang, Wallop

  1. Our water was off all day yesterday too. I’d have been tempted to stand outside and let the rain wash me, if it wasn’t for the risk of being blown away by the gale force winds. Don’t you just love Turkish winters?


  2. Haha pretty much the same here in Yalı, I seem to constantly have a mop in my hand. Jack in Tekzen you can buy power surge extension cables for your TV, laptop etc. We have them on all our expensive electrical equipment, they are reasonably priced and work wonders in the storms – without them I am sure we would have had to replace our equipment.


  3. In October 2010 we had a doozy of a storm causing a flash flood – a meter high wall of muddy water surging down our street/ garden/ kitchen/ study/ loo. I drove the car up-river to high ground but we have been finding damage ever since – turbo, various switches & electrics. Wading back to house I got knocked down by flood surge, thought I’d be swept out to sea! Later became ill for several days, possibly splashes in my face from contaminated water. House survived because Turkish friends arrived as soon as river subsided and bailed us out, then used garden hose to wash mud out of cupboards etc and bailed us out again. We had two further floods last winter. Since then we have put big sump and big pump with float switch in garden to fight ingress of floodwater, a generator to power it during inevitable failures, another sump in the house and another pump. Surge protectors on delicate electronics and master surge trip on house (“Sigorta switch”) and very large UPS (a bank of batteries, charging circuit, and inverter) which will power the PC or my husband’s breathing machine all night. Lessons learned. This year: “bring it on!!!”
    So far, lots of rain, some exciting storms, no sign of floods. Not at all sure if I shouldn’t be disappointed.


      1. This conversation made me think about reviving my blog. I have not used it much because when I compare my thoughts and words with blogs from people like yourself, I get scared off.
        But I can post some pictures.


      2. The story made me laugh (terrible really, I shouldn’t laugh at the misfortunes of others) but you really do have a way with words so why not give it a go. If you want any advice about promoting the blog then just ask. Happy to help.


  4. We had high winds here in the UK last week. My hubby blamed me! I’d had an endoscopy and they pump you full of air to aid visualisation…it has to escape somehow!!!!


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