The Love That Dares Not Speak its Name Finally Gets a Voice

Hats off to Ayse

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Three hours into the flight from Istanbul to London I finally succumbed to the dubious pleasures of the Pegasus inflight magazine – all pretty pictures and shallow articles, as is the nature of these things. A piece on the current Turkish bestseller’s list caught my brief attention. The number one book in Turkey right now is Gizli Anların Yolcusu (Passenger of Secret Moments) by Turkish author, Ayşe Kulin. The English translation of the review read:

“Passenger of Secret Moments is about the kind of love that most of us would have trouble understanding and have prejudices about (speak for yourself, matey). With her usual mastery, Ayşe Kulin addresses a subject most fear to approach head-on in order to break taboos.”

According to a Bodrum Belle of my acquaintance, Ayşe Kulin is a prolific writer who has mass appeal and flogs books by the shedload to the growing middle class, just like Jeffrey Archer. And just like Jeffrey Archer, she isn’t particularly well-regarded by the literati. Who cares? I doubt I will be either. Good for her for writing a book in Turkish with a gay theme that’s made it to the top of the charts. Such people have more influence that many realise. Power to her pen, I say.

Check out my book. There’s a bit of gay theme in it too and the reviews aren’t bad either.

8 thoughts on “The Love That Dares Not Speak its Name Finally Gets a Voice

  1. Your so right Jack the more people who write about these issues the better.
    Still have to get your book……..sorry lol


  2. Always looking for more books on the topic. Thanks, Jack. By the way, just started your book last night – it flows really nicely. Really enjoying it! – Jared


  3. It’s always refreshing to see that sometimes gay issues (books, movies, songs, news stories, celebrities) are embraced and regarded as everyday (and not “strange” or “scandalous”) by the public at large!


  4. Hi Jack, I read your book and it´s wonderful! You have incredible descriptive powers and the story is great. I finally “got” what perking the pansies is! It was wonderful to find out about your life, your family and, of course, Liam. The “characters” (real people!) were very vividly drawn and quite bitchily if you don´t mind me saying so! I do wonder what some of those you gave a sherricking to think of you! So you were very brave too. Anyway I won´t mention events in the book so as not to spoil it for your future readers. I really hope you´re on your second book – personally I´d love to read a novel from you – indeed the novelistic tone of P.T.P. made it really enjoyable. So well-done and thanks for giving me a right good read.


    1. Thanks Mo, I really appreciate it. Those who received the full broadside were so heavily disguised that no one would know who they were. As they say in the movies, etc… I’m thinking of a second book, maybe later in the year. We’ll see how this flies. If you have time, a review on amazon would be great. Every little helps!

      Best wishes



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