Hot Pipes and Wonky Erections

The good burghers of Bodrum have been ripping the town apart with giant yellow diggers. No pain, no gain. It’ll all look fine and dandy by the start of the season. The town will be freshly dressed to impress, with newly-laid tarmac accessorised with fancy paving, modern street furniture and lush landscaping, just in time for the Easter early birds (we hope). If last year is anything to go by, it’ll never be quite finished – a few edges will be left a little on the rough side.

It isn’t just the posh promenade that’s getting the makeover. The little local square near our house has been furnished with brand new playground equipment for the little ‘uns – a multi-coloured medley of swings, slides and metal tubes in bright primary hues. During the height of summer, the kiddies risk being permanently soldered to the glowing pipes in the 45 degree heat.

The old lamp posts along our street have been replaced by a row of elegant green lights. We’ve been without street lighting since the old lamp post blew up a few weeks ago – so the new light next to our garden gate is a welcome illumination. It was installed by five burly men. Well, one did the erecting; the other four supervised. It’s not the straightest erection I’ve ever seen. I should know. I’m a bit of an expert.

23 thoughts on “Hot Pipes and Wonky Erections

  1. Not sure about “fried” kids or the straightness of the 5 man erection! I would like to think someone gave some thought to these new items…just saying!


  2. LOL! I think you’re also an expert in SEO and keywords!

    We have the same thing in Antalya; everything gets ripped up and relaced in preparation for tourist season. I sometimes wonder if they do shoddy work on purpose so that they will have full employment again the following year.
    Nah, that would require planning and forsight…


  3. Well Jack you may be less frequently popping up on my laptop and you may be busy making enough to keep Liam in the style he wishes to get used to……but you are still my favourite blogger 🙂


      1. Union workers

        I had my desk moved the other day… all manual labour at my office is conducted by union workers … it took 5 of them to move my desk – one underneath, 4 holding it, and one supervising! And it wasn’t even that heavy!


  4. How many Turkish men does it take to paint a 20cm plant pot? 4
    1 to hold the paint pot
    1 to do the painting
    1 to hold the plant pot
    1 to supervise

    I kid you not!! Seen with my own eyes!


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