Wash, Reset and Blowdry

Hanife, our formidable landlady, swung into rapid action to fix our unholy holey roof; she arranged for the leaks to be sealed by the contractor who originally built the house. He was incensed to find that the electricity company had illegally nailed power cables to our roof and punctured the bloody thing in the process. To add insult to injury, the cables were nothing to do with us; they were supplying an adjacent property. Our fuse box was brought back to life by a pixie-sized spark who dried out the box with a hairdryer plugged into our neighbour’s socket. We watched in horror as he perched precariously on a folding patio chair: one wrong move and his ankles would have been snapped off. Liam made tea while I went for a lie down in a darkened room. This is Turkey.

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4 thoughts on “Wash, Reset and Blowdry

  1. I keep telling people – Don’t let anyone on your roof – weird advice for living in Turkey but very true. Glad your landlady is swift to action and you didn’t have to smack her bottom with the updated Law of Obligations (great name for a law). K xxx


  2. Oh dear! Reminds me of when we had double glazing put in. They were working on one of the first floor windows and the worker was perched on a rusty bit of piping our landlord had set up to hold the grape vine. We did tell the boy we didn’t think it was safe and and couldn’t he use a ladder? Sure enough the inevitable happened and the pipe broke. As it happens the landlord and his wife were also present to “oversee” the job but just looked on in horror! The worker had a lucky escape he could have so easily broken his back but he ended up with just a few cuts and bruises but couldn’t finish the job. In the end my husband had to finish it.


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