Perking the Pansies – Bound and Ungagged

Only Halfway

I love writing the blog. It keeps me off the streets and on the straight and narrow (to coin an ironic phrase). I’m truly grateful for all the kind words of encouragement I receive from readers across the globe. I don’t always have the time to respond to each one but I am cheered by them. Thank you.

Alongside the blog I’ve been writing a literary version of Perking the Pansies with added drama and spice, warts and all. It’s altogether a more daring exposé of everyday emigrey life in Yalıkavak and the events that shaped our world. With a lot of luck and a fair wind it may one day get published. I don’t expect to make my fortune but it would be gratifying to see someone lounging and laughing round a shimmering infinity pool, G&T in one hand, Perking the Pansies in the other.

Bound and Ungagged

It’s five years since Liam and I first met. Our rollercoaster life is simply the best as Tina Turner famously sang. In tribute to Liam I’m releasing a small snippet of the book which describes the manner of our meeting. It’s still a work in progress but I hope you like it.

Chapter 5 Extract


12 thoughts on “Perking the Pansies – Bound and Ungagged

  1. Liam, played hard to get on you`re first meeting…bad boy not like him at all i thin really…is it?
    Nice read Jack, i look forward to the full read one day soon.x


  2. ROFL Jack, that extract had me squealing with laughter. You have just the kind of naughty humour I love! Get that book out quick I need it for my summer hols.


  3. Nice one, Jack! I’m really looking forward to the trilogy…
    (You can’t write just the one – you will be nagged for more, trust me 😉 )


  4. When can I place my order? It would be a perfectly indulgent – and I want to devour all chapters now! To paraphrase a line from Field of Dreams … “if you write it, they will read” – there’s all sorts of self-publish options … start it viral, and the publishing houses will come knocking.

    Hope your new home in Bedlam has a nook for writing…..


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