Cover Story

First impressions are all important. When flirty eyes meet across a crowded bar, loins can start to stir (well, mine do anyway). Likewise, food with a flourish can whet the appetite for even the most average of meals. Visual gratification works for books too. Most expat books I’ve read are either dressed to impress with a stunning snap of shrub against a verdant landscape or attract the eye with a colourful comical cartoon. For Perking the Pansies, I’m fishing for something delicious to stand out from the noble crowd. The artistic people at Creationbooth are working up a design to make my mouth water. The Chief Buyer at Fenwick’s of Bond Street is an old friend of mine. She tells me that orange is very on trend this year. Who am I to argue? Expect something vibrant.

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9 thoughts on “Cover Story

  1. Oh it has to be different from the rest of the expat book covers…because the book will I’m sure be totally different from the rest. Orange is good.


  2. Pansies on an orange background – super. Orange is my FAVORITE color and I sport a newly-purchased fabulous orange wool coat with dracula-like floppy collar…I vote orange! Yes! Step away from the tree branch and blue sky indeed!


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