What’s Santa bringing you this year?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the cover for Perking the Pansies. As threatened, it’s colourful with a lot of pansies and a delicious hint of Turkey. I think it’ll catch the eye on the book shelf. Let’s face it, it’ll probably glow in the dark. A huge thank you to award-winning author, Paul Burston, who has given such a radiant review. Paul wrote:

An entertaining story, told with wit and insight.” Paul Burston, author, The Gay Divorcee

I’m really looking forward to presenting the book at the Polari Literary Salon in London early next year. Thank you also to the other reviewers who have given the book the thumbs up. I’m thrilled. You can read what they had to say here.

Perking the Pansies available now to pre-order on Amazon.co.uk. Order today and the book will be delivered to you soon after it’s published on 15th December 2011. It’ll be available on to order on Amazon.com very soon.

Thank you to all those who voted and commented (good and critical) on my post, What’s in a Name? After much straw-polling, soul searching and deliberation, my publisher, Jo Parfitt, had an overnight epiphany. The next day, she emailed me with unconcealed excitement.

“Perking the Pansies – Jack and Liam move to Turkey”

Just like that, a book title was born. Inspired.

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34 thoughts on “Perking the Pansies, Unwrapped

  1. Ordered mine today – well actually it is a Christmas pressie for another fan but am wondering if I can read it quickly before I wrap it up for Christmas day. I’m too tight to buy two lol.


  2. Requested Amazon to make it available on Kindle.
    Well done, the cover is super with the title hits the mark.

    Good luck


    1. For people in Turkey there are two options, order direct through Amazon.com (when’s it’s available) or ask a visitor to bring the book out for you. I won’t be selling the book directly here, I’m afraid.


  3. Jack, get the publisher to ship you a box – you need the extra cash from personal sales. Don’t let them fob you off. If I have to fund Amazon I shall be really pissed off! (but I’ll do it anyway)


  4. I have been back in Blighty for nearly 2 months now and out of the blue logged on because I remembered your book was due out soon .Congratulations on a truly eye catching cover and title Jack ,I am looking forward to a nice quiet read over the christmas holiday and will raise my glass to your success .Sincere best wishes for your success from an ex expat ,emigrey or a change-over as I like to call myself ,I went out on a hormone and returned when the hormones had left me ,I recommend all women not to try it .


  5. Congratulations! I really like the cover; from what I can tell online, it seems to be sort of hazed in a “cartoonish” sort of way, like the way they would glam up stories of travel to the “orient” and such in the 30’s-60’s…only with a modern update. I like it. And the colors are great! Talk about eye catching!


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