Polari Literary Salon

I’m really excited to announce that Paul Burston, award winning author, LGBT Editor of Time Out London and one of Blighty’s leading commentators on LGBT life, has invited me to speak at the Polari Literary Salon in February. Paul created Polari to showcase new gay and lesbian writers. Since its launch in 2007, Polari has established an enviable reputation as a centre of excellence for promoting new talent. I’ll be reading passages from the book and taking questions. I’m completely terrified. Paul assures me it’s a warm and easy crowd. I will have to dig deep into my past to resurrect the orator in me. I’ll be trolling down to Soho to ask the literati omis, palones and palone-omis to vada my bona book*. I hope this pansy will still be perking by the end of it. What shall I wear?

*For a quick lesson in Polari slang check out Trolling on the Net.

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17 thoughts on “Polari Literary Salon

  1. Awesome! Congratulations!! It sounds like it’s going to be fun. Enjoy yourself (I am sure you will). What to wear, in London in February? Well, that’s a no-brainer… the warmest thing you can find!


  2. Wonderful news Jack. But you don´t need to be terrified! You´ll be really amazing! Must say I´m intrigued by the Polari slang. I can´t wait to read your book – is it properly released yet? As for what to wear, freeze to death but look beautiful!


  3. Thanks for all the goodwill comments. I’m releasing the nerves now so that I’m more composed later. As for what to wear, I like Mo’s comment about wearing little but looking fabulous though I suspect the audience may have a different idea.


  4. You’ll be fine!! I’ve no doubt you’ll “slay ’em”.. once you overcome the 10 seconds of stage fright!!…I just wish I could be there to enjoy. It’s a couple of months away but, on the night, Break a Leg as they say and…. enjoy!!


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