Publish and Be Damned

It’s done and dusted. We’ve done our best to spice up the speech, vacuum the grammar and pep up the punctuation. We can do no more. Thank you to Liam. We didn’t row too much about the pace, pathos and plot. Thank you to Jessica who did a marvellous job of proof-reading. Thank you to the emigreys who handed me a story on a plate (or was it a poisoned chalice?). Perking the Pansies and Surviving the Expats in Turkey has gone off to the publisher by carrier pigeon (it’s quicker than the Turkish postal system) to be savaged by the editor. Booker prize here I come. As if.

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17 thoughts on “Publish and Be Damned

  1. When is it coming out, who is the publisher and how much will it cost. Need to get it on my Wish List for Christmas.


  2. Let us know if you need volunteers for the Pansy Publicity team… I’ll spread the work happily.

    Great job at finishing it… as well as keeping your blog going. Cannot wait to read it…


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