Flying Low

I received an email from a friend waiting at Bodrum Airport for a flight back to Blighty. It made me smile so I thought I’d post it.

‘We’re now at the VIP lounge at Bodrum Airport wondering which cocktail to order from the menu and browsing the various free food bars to decide between Italian and Thai. Then we woke up. OMG it’s worse than usual here. Puts me in mind of childhood trips to the local cattle market, except the sheep and cows were docile and cute. There are more shell suits on show than in the early episodes of Eldorado and the Turkish staff have all been trained by Eva Braun. Still, we’ll soon be shown to our flat beds to sip chilled champagne and choose our film. Yer, right. It’ll be four hours of bending over our own crushed internal organs only to be disgorged at the other end like boat people from the South China Sea. This will be followed by a three mile trek to the arrivals hall and glares from bored customs officials like we’re serial criminals. Only then does the next great adventure begin – find the bloody car.’

Thank you Liz.

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7 thoughts on “Flying Low

  1. Hilarious! But keep in mind if you’re flying Turkish Airlines you’re getting much better food and service than we get on any of the carriers in the States. Not to mention the x-rays and vigorous pat-downs. Just saying, things could be worse.


  2. Wonderful. Explains exactly why the novelty of flying wore off very quickly for me and I much prefer the romance, comfort and extra time offered by using ferries.


  3. Can’t stand flying en-mass it makes me vomit I have not been on a plane back to the UK now for 6 years. I do not look forward to doing it again, fear the pressure to do so from family and friends will soon make it impossible for me to avoid. I keep my head down and try not to notice too much but that is near impossible for over 4 hours. Good luck to all those flying, if anyone has any neat tricks for avoiding eye contact with fellow passengers and blocking out the incessant babble, I would very much like to know them.


  4. Modern air travel is a boon and has made the world much more easily accessible (note Jacks’ frequent hops back and forth to Blighty). I feel it is very much the case of familiiarity breeding contempt. Faced with the option of a 45 min flight to Istanbul or 12 hours on a coach I know which I’d choose!


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