A Perfect Holiday Read

3d with LogoEven if I do say so myself, Perking the Pansies, Jack and Liam move to Turkey is the perfect holiday accompaniment to a bottle of chilled white around a cool pool. Now it’s even better value at £9.99 ($16.00 across the pond). Waterstones deliver free to any UK address and the Book Depository deliver free to 120 countries and territories worldwide. A bargain, I say.

Check out buying options here. Not sure? Maybe the reviews will help you decide.

16 thoughts on “A Perfect Holiday Read

  1. Ah Jack I am starting to lose will to live with your blog!
    Your daily insight on life used to kick started my morning, and was I one of the first to buy the book, but the endless and I mean endless pro motion of it is really starting to detract from what used to be an insightful, interesting and funny blog
    No offense intended, but get your act together big fella and go back to what your good at, and leave the car salesman retinue to someone else!


  2. I have not yet bought or read the book, it is on my holiday read list so will be going to Turkey with me. I could not possibly buy it before now as that would mean it would be read before my holidays! Who says I have no self control. I am not really into self indulgant ramblings from authors, I much prefer the epic story and novel full of politics, intrigue and buckling of swashes, but jack’s blog has caught my imagination so i am making an exception. And yes a bit of shameless publicity but hey we’ve been getting entertained for free for long enough, we can surely let the man earn a crust!


  3. It’s not wine!!!! I know your secret Jack and you are spreading it like butter on hot toast… you’re on Pinterest aren’t you, you have afflicted me and I am sure others, it is too addictive… curse you, another reason to sit on my sofa getting laptop knee..


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