Edge of Glory

Blimey. Perking the Pansies has made the long list of 10 for the prestigious Polari First Book Prize. I popped along to the Polari Literary Salon at the Royal Festival Hall to catch the broadcast. I sat at the back with my eyes firmly shut, a nasty stirring in my stomach and fingers crossed so tight they developed rigor mortis. In my pretty days I might have offered to sleep with one or two of the judges to increase my chances. Now I’ve reached my midriff years, this strategy would attract pity not punters. The colour slowly drained from my face as the successful titles were read out one by one by top-hatted MC, Paul Burston. I was held at the edge of my seat right to the bitter end. My book was the last on the list.  Will I make the short list? Can my ancient heart take it? Find out in September.

Check out the illustrious company on the long list at the Time Out Blog and Out in the City.

19 thoughts on “Edge of Glory

  1. That is absolutely wonderful, Jack! So you will be kept in suspense for the rest of the summer… But that is awesome. They would read out your book last wouldn’t they! I can imagine the nerves… Congrats!


  2. I was there and Jack held his cool like a consummate professional though it did take a large glass of vino to steady the rest of him.
    Well done. Mx


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