What’s in a Name?

The select group of people who’ve had a chance to read the Perking the Pansies manuscript have commented how different the book is from the blog. Sure, it covers some of the same terrain but, they say it’s much more than just the random comic utterings of a myopic ex-pretty boy from the Smoke. They say it’s a proper book with a plot that has revelation, depth, pathos and pace. Laugh and cry has been mentioned in dispatches. I’m relieved that the initial reaction has been so positive.

There’s just one thing, though. We’re having a heated debate about the subtitle for the book. A subtitle is important because it conveys the subject of the book and should include keywords to help with internet searching and book classification. Perking the Pansies alone might give people the impression that the book is about horticulture!

Obvious keywords for the book include:

Gay – Gay Couple – Expats – Turkey – Surviving

So I thought, why not ask my loyal pansyfans? I know people haven’t read the book yet but if you fancy it, why not vote for your favourite.

Alternatively, if you have a different suggestion, please leave a comment.

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20 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. To have ‘gay’ in the (sub)title might put off the average homophobic browser. Whereas anyone interested in the subject might actually browse and purchase on the strength of the Title & Blurb


  2. I believe that the poll is disparaging of ex-pats…………of which I am one.
    We accept that you are gay and vehemently anti homophobic yet you have clearly made a blog (and possibly a book) and a life in Turkey on the backs of the very people you take the proverbial out of. Clearly a double standard. What else in your life would be interesting.

    PC or not , the success of your blog is predicated on people like me. I can only compare the style of your writing to the drag act that rips into persons that have the temerity to go to the loo during their show.

    Dissapointed from Fethiye


    1. Paul. I try to write with humour – there’s a long history of satire going back centuries, but I do accept that it doesn’t always go down well with everyone. It’s part of a strong British tradition of (sometimes camp) humour – we Brits are used to laughing at ourselves aren’t we? If you read the blog, you’ll know that Liam and I don’t escape the ridicule: we’re expats too after all. By the way, I’m with you on the drag queen/loo thing.You may well be right that Liam and I lead uninteresting lives, but I must say, that isn’t how we both feel. Our days our long, varied and full of interest. As I’m sure you have found, no two days in Turkey are quite the same. You may well find us uninteresting though – it’s perfectly possible! I’d say it’s a tad unfair to say we live off the backs of others here. We planned and worked hard to get here and live full lives outside of the blog and don’t depend on it in the way I think you are implying. We were so surprised by some of the attitudes and behaviour here. We thought it quite legitimate to hold a mirror up to the way some people live. I hope you find that the book adds something to the debate about expat living, even if it does so with some close-to-the knuckle humour. Thanks very much for your comment. I appreciate the challenge. Jack


  3. Turkey !…..with a twist.

    Tough call Jack, I’m sure you’ll know what’s best in the end. Best of luck with your book !

    Greetings from Ankara


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