Uniform Behaviour

Now that the Turkish authorities have banned the home delivery of alcohol, we have to trudge to our local Tansaş supermarket several times a week to replenish our supply. As we meander through the aisles, we invariably bump into Ahmed, our friendly security guard. Ahmed used to work at a beach-side bar but gave up irregular seasonal work for security, year round employment and wages paid on time. He speaks good English and gently berates me for my lack of progress with the local lingo. Quite right too. His job consists of little more than a presence in the store. He’s bored rigid and likes to chat. Supermarkets around the world have one thing in common. They move products around to make the punters complete a full circuit. It encourages impulse buying. Ahmed is always on hand to find what we’re looking for: our very own personal shopper. Unfortunately, he doesn’t help us lug the litre bottles back home.

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7 thoughts on “Uniform Behaviour

  1. One thing I always find is that the security guards in supermarkets..and also banks and government offices…are extremely helpful. They go the extra mile to assist you. It probably is out of boredom, but I think also that they are so pleased to have a secure job that they’ll do whatever they can to hang onto it.


  2. They positively jump to help you I think they see it as all part of their job. I know of one security guard in a bank who knows the personal pin of a customer and always goes out of the bank to help him take his money out of the ATM. I could not believe my eyes but have seen him do it now over the past year for an elderly expat who’s eye sight is fading. Where else in the world could you see this ?


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