Roll up, roll up. Love it or loathe it, the Olympic circus has come to town. Uniquely, London is the only city to have hosted the over-bloated jamboree three times – 1908, 1948 and now 2012. Ironically, given the current double dip recession, it was the 1948 beano that was called the ‘Austerity Games’ as it was held barely three years after the end of the Second World War;  a grim time when Blighty was bankrupt, on rations and in the red to our generous Yankee cousins. Remarkably, the debt was only finally settled in 2006.

At the 11th hour, it hardly matters whether the 2012 Olympiad will be a monumental waste of taxpayer’s cash that will put London in hock for decades or a monumental celebration of civic renaissance that will leave an enduring legacy. I know the site of the Olympic park well. Before the transformation it was a polluted post-industrial shit hole. I think it was worth winning the Games just to see the smug smile being wiped off former President Chirac’s arrogant face when London pipped Paris into second place. Did you manage to get tickets? Me neither. We have a plan B. We’ll be watching the opening ceremony from a balcony overlooking the stadium. It pays to have a dear old friend with a posh penthouse in the right part of town. Last time, the Middle Kingdom presented an epic spectacle of precision and uniform behaviour from a cast of thousands. This time, I’m hoping for something a little less regimented with a little more panache, diversity and individuality. A few gongs in the bag would be nice too.

To commemorate the start of the Games I give you the British diving team being sexy:

19 thoughts on “Let the Games Begin

  1. I was in Paris when the announcement was made! I still remember the disbelief on the faces. I love the British Diving Team Video and I am so looking forward to the games.


  2. I agree – the Olympic site always has been a real dump. I guess this is called instant urban renewal… But it seems that you will have a great view of the opening! Our son, now a Londoner, is desperately trying to avoid the madness…But the Jamaican in him is luring him towards a Ja. cultural festival nearby…


  3. Roll on the Games but not the 4.30am start for the opening ceremony nor many of the sports events also occurring in the small hours of the morning. Gawd love living in the bloody southern hemisphere!

    Pictures please of the Games and London celebrations when you have them 🙂


  4. . . if other host cities/sites are anything to go by the area will return to being a polluted post-industrial shit hole. Enjoy paying off the debt! I know, I’m a miserable git!


  5. It-is-the-first-to-be-built-to-measure-the-carbon-footprint,information-that-it-plans-on-passing-onto-Brazil-and-future-venues.So-far-all-but-one-of-the-sites-have-already-been-taken-up-for-future-use.The-technology-and-science-alone-which-was-highlighted-in-the-ceremony-(www)-and-the-emphasis-on-the-younger-generation-will-not-just-benefit-Britain-but-the-worlds-problems.It-WAS-a-shit-hole-and-now-has-put-Stratford-on-the-map-for-all-who-live-in-the-area……the-cost?-A-few-pence-per-head-of-the-population,how-many-spend-more-than-that-on-lottery-tickets-per-week?-My-glass-is-half-full-.Let-the-games-begin!


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