Perking the Pansies, The Book

A few months ago I happened across someone called Jo Parfitt purely by chance. Jo is an accomplished and successful author, mentor, journalist and publisher with 26 books and hundreds of articles under her belt. Jo specialises in publishing books by ex-pats who write about their lives or have something original to say about living abroad.  I thought that Perking the Pansies had the potential to be something more than a blog and set about writing a book version. I sent Jo a sample of my work. She thought I had an interesting idea with a different angle. Since then Jo has been helping me to knock the book into shape. Her critique has always been fair and honest but gentle and encouraging. Jo has been my muse and my mentor. I listened. Her advice and guidance have been freely offered with a carry on, you’re nearly there message. I think Jo now thinks I have got there. She has offered me a publishing contract. I couldn’t have got there without her.

Now I’ve got to finish the book so no summer loving for me this year. I doubt I’ll make it out of the front door. Liam will mop my sweated brow and keep me fed and watered. He is my other muse and is much less kind than Jo. I’ve promised the manuscript by September and, if I deliver, Jo will publish Perking the Pansies by Christmas. So what’s Santa bringing you this year?

Check out Jo’s website.

Read a sneak preview of Perking the Pansies.

New extract…

Chapter 6 Extract

Previously released…

Chapter 5 Extract

16 thoughts on “Perking the Pansies, The Book

  1. Wonderful news, congratulations. Don’t forget to factor in an occasional Mental Health day (Julia Cameron calls them ‘artist’s dates’ with the universe). Wordgeyser (another writer and friend of Jo’s and mine) wrote a great post on this last week. You’re lucky: everybody needs a Liam and a Jo!


  2. Well you´ve been forced out of your bed so being forced out of the closet can hardly be any more upsetting! Great to hear about the book – off to read the excerpts!


  3. Jack the book is going to be a stunner! I guffawed, or as we say in Glasgwegian German, Ah laffed Ma heid Aff. Beautifully, elegantly, rhythmically written and totally endearing. Hope I have the timeline right and it´s this coming Christmas. Yes, it is and I can´t wait!


    1. Thank you, thank you. I’ve almost finished the first draft (at the last and longest chapter) then it’ll be back to page one again to redraft. You comment has given me extra impetus.


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