Mobiles and Megaphones

A short and narrow lane runs along the side of our new house leading to a modest block of flats rented out to itinerant workers. Judging by the constant throng of virile young men who pass to and fro, the building is either the TARDIS in disguise or these poor boys are topping and tailing in sardine shifts. Understandably, such enforced intimacy presents privacy problems. My enjoyment of the latest edge of seat clinical dilemma in Casualty (or Doctors or Holby City)  is regularly and loudly interrupted by a Kurd bellowing down his mobile phone outside our window. Anatolians use their mobiles like megaphones. When our new neighbour, bubbly Beril, talks to her friends she doesn’t really need to use her phone as they can hear her in Ankara without it.

2 thoughts on “Mobiles and Megaphones

  1. Sounds just like Jamaicans. They talk on the phone as if they are at the top of our Blue Mountain Peak and you are sitting on a beach in Negril (opposite end of the island). Even on radio talk shows they shout…especially elderly gentlemen who live in the country.


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