Bees Around the Honey Pot

Old friend Gillian was vacationing in Akbuk with her husband John and daughter, Maria. Gillian had emailed to ask if they might visit when they were over. Akbuk is a small resort about two hours north so I thought it unlikely. However, I had underestimated Gillian’s steely determination, and we received the call that they were on the way. Regrettably, they missed their bus connection in Didim and were forced to take a convoluted route via Söke. Six hours later they arrived at Bodrum’s otogar. Gillian is a matter of fact kind of gal, and they all seemed unfazed by the wilting experience. We all enjoyed a rejuvenating late lunch, bijou tour of the town and a cold beer on the beach as the sun set over the castle. Maria, an intelligent, confident, pretty, curvaceous 15 year old was an instant hit with the seasonal workers with their spring loaded libidos. Waiters danced around her like bees around the proverbial without averting their stares from her perky knockers.

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6 thoughts on “Bees Around the Honey Pot

  1. I once worked with a rep. for a tour company who wrote a song about the difference of walking down a street in Turkey’s resorts and one in the UK. It was hilarious, she had great wit and described perfectly the adulation of the young Turkish men who have eyes popping out of their heads for young European girls, as opposed to the complete indifference experienced by these woman by the normal young European man. I am sure there are exceptions and I am also sure they are just acting cool in their eyes, these pretty or not so young or pretty things (Turkish men aren’t so fussy) must experience a great feeling of being finally wanted. From what I hear the pubs back home are all full of woman and they are complaining there are no men to be seen in them. This surprised me a bit but after discussing it with my friend feel men have finally succumbed to the internet for safer encounters where there fragile egos will stay more in control or intact. Sorry this may sound a bit sexist however if this is the case what explanation can there be for men to stop looking for partners in real life face to face. I know this could also apply to woman but if they can walk into a pub in England with the hope of coming across a likeminded person, what are the men doing?


    1. l am telling you yvonne but you dont take me serious. if there is no boys around its time to look each other. boys fed up with girls possibly. and they can sort out themselves. whats wrong with that?


  2. You’re so right. The mysteries of the dating game. The rules changed and no-one told us. Some newly unattached women have told me they’ve been dumped for a younger model. It’s the first wives syndrome (great film, by the way). If some young Turkish man says you’re beautiful and it’s the first time you’ve heard it in years then who wouldn’t fall for it? I say go for it. Just don’t fall in love.


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