All Work and No Play…

…makes Jack a dull boy. What kind of mad masochist tries to write a book in 40 plus heat? What kind of fool loses a glorious summer to the written word unless it’s Driving Over Lemons around a cool pool with a G&T, ice and a slice? That fool is me. My work is done. Well, at least the latest re-draft is. You may be surprised how different it is from the blog. It’s our full story, warts and all. Now, it’s over to my in-house editor Liam to use his big red pen to correct my flabby grammar, revise my pitiful punctuation and enrich my penniless plot. Tearing my minor masterpiece to shreds may be done with the best of intentions but I fear a few creative skirmishes along the way.

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20 thoughts on “All Work and No Play…

  1. Many congratulations!! I have also just written a novel and someone is hawking it around small publishers for me. My other half has not even read it – but then, it’s not about him. I hope there are not too many conflicts, but I know that one does get very possessive and highly sensitive about one’s creations… Good luck to you both and may you survive intact!


    1. Good luck with the hawking and don’t get too down by the rejections. It’s the name of the game and only takes one to open the door.

      PS I’ve added your blog to my list of favourites.


  2. Well done, Jack!
    However, please don’t think Liam will be the only one bearing a big red pen.
    The in-house edit is the first of many …
    And remember that it’s easier to vent your fury at the mauling of your masterpiece on your spouse than it is at the editor on the publishing team.
    Can’t wait to read it 🙂


      1. Although mine is available on Amazon, I bought a batch myself at author prices (not particularly cheap, but there you go) and offered them at a price just below Amazon, including shipping, to all my contacts here in Spain – then posted them out to buyers, one by one.

        But then I haven’t sold as many as I fullyexpect you to do, and to do quickly given your network coverage!

        You should also consider getting to a few of the various local community meetings as a speaker, with books to sell at point.

        I’m sure you’ll find a way xx


      2. Thanks Debs. I’ll probably have to cart a suitcase full of the bloody things over from Blighty. Amazon won’t deliver to Turkey because the post is so terrible. I love the public speaking idea! I have the ridiculous fantasy of me sitting on the Good Morning and say ‘My, Fern. You’ve lost so much weight. How ever did you manage it?’ Except she doesn’t do it anymore and who’d want me on their sofa?


  3. Hip hip hooray! Can´t wait to read it! If it´s as good as the quality prose on here it´ll be stunning, so there! And can there be anything more creative than a battle with one´s spouse and editor over one´s book? Nooooo! Meaningful times ahead.


  4. Time to relax and have that G&T while Liam sharpens his pencil and attacks. Trying not to take it personally will be a challenge, but you know he has your best interests at heart. And as Deb mentioned, there will be other editors along the way. You’ve built the house and put up the plumbing, electrical and dry wall. Time to do the ‘fix-it’ list and decorating!


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