A Day in the Life

I’m supposed to be resting, putting my feet up and watching the pansies grow. Instead I’ve jumped onto a blogging and writing treadmill. It’s taken me by surprise. I had no idea this would happen when we left Blighty. My mornings are spent doing what I call my admin – checking my emails, approving comments, deleting spam and catching up on the weird and wonderful blogs I’ve come across in my new vocation. My personal favourites are listed under Jack’s Favourites – take a look at the side bar. My admin takes a couple of hours each day. I have to be ruthlessly single-minded, otherwise I’d be overwhelmed. Liam says I’ve turned into a geek. Just like the bad old days, when I returned from holiday to hundreds of emails that took days to clear. My major irritant is the number of spam emails I get, urging me to buy slimming pills or viagra. These days I may no longer have a 26 inch waist and my tackle may take a little longer to fire up, but for the record, I am neither fat nor impotent (important yes, impotent, no).

I’m really grateful that people take the time to say a word or two about what I have written. I do get the occasional strange message, nothing offensive, just odd. I don’t mind at all. It adds to the rich tapestry of life in pansyland. Thank you to one and all.

I tend to dedicate a couple of afternoons a week to my posts and write three or four at a time. If I didn’t block write in this way, Liam and I wouldn’t have a life and I’d have nothing to write about. My summer is being spent finishing my book (have I mentioned I’m writing a book?) which is curtailing our social activities a little. Not too much though, we’re determined to enjoy our balmy days in the sun.

Liam is my greatest fan and fiercest critic. He cracks the whip and damns my sloppy words, but lavishes praise when I get it right. He’s also a domestic marvel, keeping me fed and watered and doing most of the daily chores (in Liam’s world, that’s sweeping the dust under the rugs). I do the laundry and stack the dishwasher, both of which, of course, require greater skill.

Is my new career worth it? You bet it is.

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14 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Jack I am absolutely with you on his. Blogging has become my new way of life too. I didn’t even know what a blog was until a few years ago when someone introduced me to theirs and encouraged me to start one. Through blogging I have met some wonderful people, some of whom I’ve been lucky enough to meet up with in person. I’ve also got involved with causes such as animal rescue and now have another medium to use to spread the word.

    Blogging keeps me sane. Being able to offload all sorts of stuff that goes around in my head is particularly useful living in this isolated village and getting responses and support from the blogging community can sometimes be like chatting over a cup of coffee with real life friends.

    I just had a feeling you would write a book…I can’t wait for December to get my copy. Good luck with it..I’m sure it will be a huge success. Lots of Love Linda x


  2. Writing is obviously a passion, look on it as a labour of love even though you have to work out some routine to be able to fit everything in. You’re so lucky to have a supportive partner like Liam. Keep on doing what you’re doing because you are keepig many people entertained. x


  3. This post sure does resonate with me, Jack. Not only has my wife declared that I’ve also turned into a computer geek given the time I spend online (I’m working luv, honest to God, I’m working in here) but the best part of my mornings are now spent dealing with the administration of my blog (whilst ‘pretending’ to work in my 9-5 job). I have no idea what I used to do with my time but I must say that I enjoy this fuller, geekier way of life. Must dash… another spam comment to discard of.


    1. Thank God you’ve got an understanding wife who doesn’t think you’re up to something less wholesome. Buy her some flowers and take her out for a slap up meal 🙂


  4. Huh! I thought I was reading a Roll Royce and it turns out to be a Model ‘T’ off ‘Henry’ Scott’s production line. However, as we say in our conversations with “Private Eye’, I shall NOT be cancelling my subscription!


  5. Sorry to add to your burden, Jack, but you have to keep your fans happy! It is important (or was that impotent?) to live away from technology too and have stuff to blog about. I dream of having a blog as wonderful as yours and am willing to do the admin to have it. Just remember that your readers get so much out of your work that if you suddenly stopped we´d be devastated (no pressure, of course… ). Glad to hear of the support you get from Liam. My hubby Ramón supports me too and I´m very grateful. xxx


  6. Blog=life=blog=life – yep, your blog becomes your life. Funny isn’t it how what starts off as a little hobby completely takes over everything. Fortunately for us, we both work on it, otherwise I think we may have had a few ‘fall outs’ by now. 🙂 We’ve met some fab people online and in person and it’s all worth it.


  7. Jack’s Adventures in Blogland! ‘Tis indeed a wonderful world, and I am just slowly getting drawn into it…inexorably. I love other people’s blogs… And I hope to be among your favorites, one day! Best wishes from “the islands.”


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