There is an authentic stone cottage in the heart of Bodrum Town sitting prettily in a well-stocked walled garden dominated by an ancient double-trunked olive tree. It is the original homestead of an old Bodrum family. As the family grew wealthy they moved on to larger premises and left their family home to slowly fall into quaint dilapidation. The house has an open-plan biblical feel, with a semi-basement – where I presume animals were once kept – a small mezzanine level and a larger first floor. One day the family had a bright idea. Selling off the family silver was unthinkable but maybe there was a little money to be made from the estate. They decided to renovate: extend the old house and build a brand new cottage in traditional style on the adjacent land where a small barn once stood. It took time, dedication and a few wrangles with the planners but they did it. It is a quality job. The family house now looks superb, sympathetically redressed in recycled stone finery. We seriously considered renting this bijou piece of local history but the cramped and quirky arrangement didn’t quite fit the way we live (no, I don’t mean camp discos, glitter balls and a blacked out sauna). Instead we rent the new house next door with its more practical and flexible living space. Both houses stand out from the crowd and are a happy snappers delight.

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9 thoughts on “Old Bodrum Renewed

    1. THIS is so true. TOO much quick buck building around. Hate it! On Bozcaada, there are so many old, decaying bağ evi (vineyard houses) and the great thing is that the new construction cannot overstep the original footprint – so some of them are getting re-done in the most lovely way. You can see one here on my old travel blog –

      I have a dream of doing a coffee table book of the lost bağ evi of Bozcaada before the developers take them all over…


    1. Jack, unless we win the lottery or a mysterious great aunt kicks the bucket and leaves us a fortune, we’ll be moving to a caravan in Bognor. Just so you know ;-).

      Nice post, husband.


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