Bikini Bare

Our balcony provides a wonderful vantage point to watch the world amble by. We spend amusing mornings with cuppa and laptop occasionally distracted by the colourful, the curious and the crazy. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we spotted two young ladies walking down the main road in skimpy bikinis that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Cars broke hard, horns blared and the jaws of pedestrian men dropped like limp mechanical diggers. I’m no prude but what did these silly girls think they were doing? If attention is what they were after then they got it in spades. Would they walk around their own home town like this? Bodrum may not be Bahrain but it ain’t Blackpool either. The ignorance of some of my compatriots makes me cringe with embarrassment. At least the bikini babes had the foresight to wax first.

7 thoughts on “Bikini Bare

  1. I wonder if these are the same people that are dropping their children off at school or going to Tescos in their pyjamas .


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