The Terrible Twos

Two years in the making and, just as Liam and I celebrated the blog’s second birthday with a drop of bubbly, Perking the Pansies received its 250,000th hit*. This may be skinny fry for the big hitters but this fat little sprat is delighted. I had fretted that our move – a wrench from the warm bosom of Bodrum to a quick-step along Norwich’s ancient cobbled lanes – might put people off. I thought I might end up talking to myself. I thought I might end up in therapy. Well, I needn’t have worried, readers have stayed the course, I’ve actually picked up a few more punters along the street and the book is still dropping into the shopping basket. So, whoever you are out there, friends and strangers alike, thank you.

Who knows what the terrible twos will bring? For a start, the equal sequel to the book will be out in 2013. Gird your loins. If you thought the first book was an eye opener, well… Thank you for all the enquiries; watch this space. I will also be releasing two e-books this month, and of course, I’ll continue to bombard you with rambling posts and the occasional bit of not so subtle PR.

On that very subject, the people at iWriteReadRate have shortlisted  Perking the Pansies for their book of the month competition. If you can be bothered, please vote. You’ll have to register though, which is a bit of a drag. Who knows? You might like this fancy new book site and stick around. Aw, go on.

* combined with my original Google blog that was blocked in Turkey in December 2010, blah, blah, blah …

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19 thoughts on “The Terrible Twos

  1. Dammit! I KNEW this was the Sight Theme – it looks hot Jack; I want to use it but it won’t work with my tagline – name’s too long. Oh yes! comment on the post Aisha… Great to hear there’s a sequel to look forward to, and your stats are nothing to be sniffed at (according to Liam!) (sorry, couldn’t resist that, it’s been one of those days…)


    1. I dropped my tag line to accommodate the theme because I liked its simplicity. We’ve both got colds at the mo so there’s a lot of sniffing going on here in old Norwich! 🙂


  2. Happy birthday Perking the Pansies, you almost lost me at the end of last year, when book promotion was at at its frenzied peak (oh err Mr Grey) However calmer, more thoughtful articles have ensued. I predict a more political year 3 Jack, you appear from this respectful distance from Turkey to be flexing your political thought muscles. Not necessarily a bad thing IMHO. Then again predictable is not a word I would associate with your good self. xxx


  3. 250,000? Is that all? Jeez, I achieved that in my second month. Get with the program (Oz spelling), Jack. I want to see a million before the end of 2013… okay?

    Interested in these e-books. Very new age. And the sequel is just great news. My current first edition of PTP is looking a bit lonely by itself on the Kindle. Keep up the bombarding!


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