200,000 Hits Plus

A few days ago, an obscure English language blog written by an ex-pretty boy reporting from a minor peninsula on the Aegean coast of Turkey, exceeded 200,000* page hits. My sincerest thanks go out to all those people who have popped by to show their support for Perking the Pansies. Are you all mad?

Other notable stats for cyber geeks include:

600 posts – 2,000 shares – 14,000 spam comments – 4,500 legit comments (not including Faceache and that tweety thingy).

Surprisingly, I’ve been little troubled by the angry little trolls who stalk cyberspace with impunity. I’ve only ever had to delete two vile comments from the faceless.

My parochial dispatches from the emigrey trenches (in the winter, I mean this literally) have been liberally sprinkled with liberal mutterings on selected events of the day. Sometimes, Perking the Pansies goes beyond these short-sighted shores and tackles issues that interest, amaze, amuse or concern me. Indeed, many of the posts with an international twist have been big hits. This gives me hope. Maybe Perking the Pansies can evolve from reflections on emigrey life to broader horizons – from fosterland to motherland. So, climb aboard the slow boat to Blighty. I hope you’ll stay on for the ride but feel free to jump ship at any sunny port en route. That’s what journeys are all about.

Next milestone? A quarter of a million. Imagine that?

Pansy Reach
Pansy Reach

*Combining page views on this site with my old Google blog blocked by the Turkish Authorities in December 2010).  

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23 thoughts on “200,000 Hits Plus

  1. Isn’t it pathetic that our spam comments are greater than our legit ones? even worse, some of my spammers are downright eloquent and effusive in their praise…sometimes wish I could keep them, lol. Congrats on such an impressive milestone.


  2. wonderful, great news, definitely well-deserved, oh and very pretty!
    (p.s. did the first half of the book in one hit, but was rudely interrupted and haven’t had time to get back to it to finish it, but loved it, totally lost myself back in Bodrum, I’m sure we’ve had many similar experiences, so I know your Amazon review will shine xx)


  3. Congratulations Jack you deserve it. Your blog is the best daily addition to my mail box. Long may it continue.
    ps thank you for following my little blog, much appreciated xxx


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