Tweeting Turks

Naturally I tweet. Doesn’t everyone these days? Facebook and Twitter are the gruesome twosome of social media – the top of the pops. Got nothing interesting to say? Say it loudly and often on the tweety thing and faceache. For reasons unknown, I’m popular with tweeting Turks. I usually follow back even though I haven’t a clue what they’re tweeting about. It’s the polite thing to do. Distressingly, my popularity can be short lived and some of my new admirers quickly unfollow me, presumably after realising I am what I am. That’s not the polite thing to do. I unfollow in revenge, punishing them with my mouse. ‘Take that!’ I click. Disturbingly, I also seem to attract young Turkish men – really young. Obviously, I don’t follow them back. Youngsters really aren’t my thing and I don’t want to stand accused of grooming. It’s a funny old world.

15 thoughts on “Tweeting Turks

  1. Since my alter ego is a noisy Jamaican bird, I have no option – I MUST tweet! It’s a good tool though, along with FB. Sometimes I don’t understand tweets either – Jamaicans have a lot of “in” jokes. I am sorry your tweeting history sounds a bit rocky so far. There are quite a lot of voluptuous young women spamming too… look like call girls. Sorry to hear about the youngsters!!


  2. Just my opinion, but tweeting is the OCD version of “Dear Diary”–only the whole world gets to read your entries. 🙂

    I like tweets for humorous one-liners, but otherwise it seems strangely narcissistic.


      1. Yes, it is narcissistic in a way. But I find it incredibly useful for links on topics I’m interested in, which I might not always pick up on otherwise. And fun when me and my “tweeps” are watching an award show and giving our instant reactions to each other!


  3. Jack – just be what you be! I can´t remember whether I follow you or not though I´ve probably filtered you into “not Spanish therefore must not follow”. Isn´t Twitter about business? If so I must ignore you! However when I want to read good, funny and insightful writing, I read your blog!


    1. Thank you, Mo. I have an eclectic group of twitter followers for all sorts of reasons, though I mostly tweet about LGBT issues, particularly bullying and marriage equality.


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