Bin the Pins

We survived the mid-Atlantic knocking shop with a sordid tale to tell. I’m now catching up on my ‘admin’ and wading through the hundreds of (mostly tedious) emails. As I run my cursor down most of the messages and tick delete, I can’t help wondering if there is a point to Pinterest. I joined, I pin and now I’m getting bored with my boards. We all like a nice snap but this is one social network too far. Few of my pins are ‘re-pinned’ as they say in the pinning world. The one that has caught the pinner’s clicks is this image courtesy of Wanderplex.  Time to bin the pins, methinks. And then there’s Love It, Pinterest’s prettier younger sister. I’m not loving that either.

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23 thoughts on “Bin the Pins

  1. There’s only so many hours in the day – and not enough hours for me to provide TLC to all of the social media outlets available. I’m with you – my boards exist, but they’re sitting idle.

    So I suppose you’re going to be like the squirrel logo on Loveit — and grab your nuts and run away?


  2. I agree. I thought about it but then couldn’t be bothered. I use for videos, photos etc that I want to keep for further use. Don’t do much sharing on it, though. I really do love Twitter though, I must say. It’s useful in all kinds of ways, for me…


  3. I love my Pins, but then most of mine are used for my bucket list, travel stuff, recipes and crafting. There is nothing worse than remembering a great tutorial for fixing your favourite jeans or how to make vodka gummy bears and then forgetting where you saw it. I am not sure they are great for selling or raising on-line profile, I have an actual pinboard in my kitchen and none of my many visitors has ever felt the need to search through my various postcards, take-away menus, cuttings from magazines and notes to myself. Each to their own I think.


  4. I’ve decided to get back to building and flying model aircraft – latest one has a 6 foot wingspan – bigger than those grand canaries you twitter on about!


  5. I agree on binning the pinning as a social media effort – but I do find it useful to keep track of images that help on various projects. For example, in addition to keeping photos of items we want to include in our Ptown renovation (where someday you may land), I also keep boards for each of my Karagoz puppet characters in order to inspire me (both the traditional puppet images – and modern day images that reflect their characters…). There she goes again, that crazy puppet lady. 🙂

    When are we going to hear more about the trip???


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