Another Immaculate Conception

Billboard from an Anglican Church in New Zealand

When it comes to social issues, readers may think I’m a bit of a one trick pony – gay this, gay that, blah, blah, blah. In fact, as a bleeding heart pinko liberal, I come equipped with a range of predictable views on a range of predictable issues. People who feed and water me will attest to this. Apart from the fairy thing, I rarely use my blog as a platform to spread the liberal word. This isn’t why I started it. But (yes, here comes the ‘but’) there’s one thing that caught my eye recently that I just can’t resist commenting on. It’s been reported in the New Civil Rights Movement, an American online magazine, that Arizonan women are now legally pregnant two weeks before conception. Even though I agree with a woman’s right to choose, I’m not going to wade into the whole American abortion debate. It’s a divisive issue that stirs up an enormous amount of emotion on both sides of the argument. However, isn’t this all getting a bit daft? In effect, this means that a virgin can be pregnant (Hallelujah, it’s a miracle). Why stop there? What about those wet dreams of our teenage years? Or don’t we boys count?

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16 thoughts on “Another Immaculate Conception

  1. . . there’s Bertand Russell, Carl Sagan, reality, reason, fact, theory, evolution, Darwin, time, Dr Who! And then there is religion and fairies, demons, Hobbits, wizards, witches, some Americans and utter fantasy! To quote my hero Karl Marx, ‘When god created US lawmakers she knew she’d made a mistake!’


  2. As an American woman I’d like to thank you for spreading the word on this. If there ever was an example of why some of us think anti-choice is just anti-woman, this is it. Arizona wants to prosecute pregnant women for behavior endangering the fetus, and by this law will extend that control to women who aren’t actually pregnant. It’s frightening. One more reason I’m glad I live in Turkey!


  3. Exactly WTF ? I saw an interview over here last week and the equipment used for the mandatory ultra sound 24 hours before the op. were just pure evil and archaic ,it even left the interviewer stunned and speechless .I do feel though that if the women all over America tried to do something about this there would definately be 2 sides ,even friends and family members would be pitched against each other . I am so shocked about this from a country that calls others Rogue States and spouts off about womens rights ,again ,WTF .? In the pursuit of happiness ? Yeh right !!!!! This is scary stuff even in these trying times .


  4. I’ve been telling people for years that our divisive political split (virtually 50-50 between conservatives and liberals, with a fair number shifting ever so slightly for presidential elections) is so dangerously entrenched that we’re locked in a perpetual political stalemate that allows extreme fringe groups to blossom on either side. That the extremists in AZ touting this kind of law exist doesn’t surprise me, but the lengths that they will go to push their agenda does. Here’s hoping this gets killed off before we have to waste years taking it all the way to the Supreme Court…


    1. All political parties are broad churches (well, they are in the US and UK) and Britain has its fair share of lunatics. My theory is that the election process in the US goes on far too long. Every twist and turn is analysed and reported. The whole thing seems like a medieval royal procession. Elizabeth 1 spent much of her reign travelling the country shoring up support. This gives publicity to extremists and forces the candidates to pay lip service to their demands. A quick election, done and dusted in weeks not years might be just what America needs! Or is this really dumb?


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