Before we voted to remain in the European Union, we went to see Independence Day: Resurgence. Typical of expensive sequels, the blockbuster was poorly scripted, overblown and inconclusive. Not a patch on the original – just like the referendum.

14 thoughts on “Independence Day?

  1. Now all those in the UK who asked me how Turkey could possibly vote for who they did vote for – ( have to be careful how I say this) can ask themselves the same question.


  2. That was so close—it could have swung either way, from the looks of it. And your PM stepped down, as well. Lots of uncertainty now, I’m sure. I’m curious, Jack; was immigration what clinched it for the Brexit folks?


    1. Yes, lots of uncertainty. In my view, immigration was the core issue for many Brexiteers. Many people were hit hard by the last recession and, even though that’s over, haven’t seen their living standards or prospects improve. They’re looking for someone to blame but are hitting the wrong target, I think.


      1. That idiot in a dodgy wig is appealing to the same audience for the same reasons. God help us all if gets his grubby little hands on the keys to the White House. 😞


  3. Another film comparison comes to mind… Carry On Up the Khyber. Anachronistic Brits holed up and ignoring the realities of the World around them, a film of sad jokes, a poor script, aged actors and bearing no resemblance to the truth. We’re not laughing now either! Interestingly a petition to Parliament for a 2nd referendum has already passed the 1 million mark.


    1. I saw. Chances are slim, though, I think. Lots are people are waking up and thinking ‘what have I done?’ We need to keep calm and carry on (but not up the Khyber) 😉


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