With Liam away on family duties and me at a loose end, I made a brew, raided the biscuit barrel, put my feet up and channel-hopped. Mine’s a glamorous life. Quite by chance, I happened across a Sunday matinee of Under the Tuscan Sun. The last time I saw the film was also a Sunday afternoon but that was in 2011 and we lived in Bodrum. And Liam had just returned from family duties. Warming waves of nostalgia rolled over me and my eyes glassed over, not just because of the weepy but also for memories of our Turkish days.

Under the Tuscan Sun

The film even gets a brief mention in Turkey Street and I posted about it back in the day. I think the post holds up surprisingly well…

Under the Tuscan Sun

12 thoughts on “Under the Tuscan Sun – Reprise

  1. I’ve never seen the movie. I have no cable or disc so just see what I can find on old videos at thrift stores and the library. But the library is now pretty much just CDs. Hopefully I will run into it one day.


      1. I think that’s true of most books that become films…the book was richer for its detail and contained recipes that quite frankly made my mouth water. The movie felt quite shallow
        by comparison. (btw: the book is a great expat read.)


    1. It’s one of stills from the movie. She shagged the squeeze in Positano, which apparently never happened but what’s a weepy without a little romance? 😀


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