Let’s face it, the European Union is hard to love – the faceless eurocrats in smart suits who run the show (Jean-Claude who?), the savage treatment of Greece (to keep German banks solvent), the every-man-for-himself response to the migrant crisis (not very communautaire), the expensive nonsense of moving the entire EU Parliament from Brussels to Strasbourg just to vote (to keep the French happy), the initial refusal to allow the UK Government to zero-rate sanitary products (only a man would be so stupid). I could go on and on.

EU Ballot Box

Finally, the EU referendum is nearly upon us. Thank the Lord it’s almost over. With every passing week, the arguments on both sides of the campaign have become more hysterical. No, I don’t believe the sky will fall in if the UK leaves the Union. It may get rocky for a while – divorces rarely end sweetly – but common sense will prevail because it’s in everyone’s interests that a deal is done. Yes, I do think high levels of migration to the UK caused by alarming levels of unemployment in some parts of the Eurozone has put pressure on housing and public services. But there are better ways to solve this than throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I must confess, I flip-flopped for a while. It’s an incredibly important decision and I’ve tried to weigh up the pros and cons as best as I could. But I cannot in all conscience vote on the same side as the likes of Nigel Farage and his acolytes of little-Englanders blaming migrants for everything that moves or the unsavoury troupe of neo-liberal Tories led by bonkers Boris whose only answer to the funding problems within the health service is to privatise it. And yes, I do believe there is a link between the cowardly murder of Jo Cox by a fascist nutter and some of the more extreme voices in the leave campaign. You don’t have to pull the trigger to load the gun. Just saying.

6 thoughts on “I Vote Remain

  1. self-serving bastards the lot of them! Instead of people being properly informed in order to make their choice we are left with the most god-awful, muddled mess.


  2. From here, it is so difficult to fully understand the situation. I just hope all goes well for you, for the UK, for the EU, for the millions of distanced people, and on and on.

    Keep us posted we will surely hear the results but I’d love some of your thoughts on what’s happening.


  3. I confess I have no subject matter expertise on this issue, but what comes to mind is a similar circumstance that we Canadians found ourselves in. Some years ago, Quebec put a referendum to its voters to separate from Canada. Fortunately for them and the rest of Canada, it was shot down, and hasn’t reared its head since. Best of luck to our cousins over the pond.


    1. Thank you Karen. It was touch and go with Scotland last year which could have broken up Britain and now this with our neighbours in Europe. Fingers crossed it goes the way I hope.

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